American Postal Workers Union
Springfield Mass Area Local 497
Member AFL-CIO

Welcome to the Springfield Massachusetts Area Local 497 of the American Postal Workers Union. We represent approximatley 760 employees in the western Massachusetts area. We represent a diverse workforce consisting of the clerk, maintenance, vehicle services and support services crafts. Our members work in facilities ranging from a very large processing plant located in Springfield to small area offices located in individual towns. They process mail, repair equipment related to postal operations and transport mail to and from postal facilites from western Mass. to New Jersey.
Springfield Mass. Area Local 497
1124 Berkshire Ave.
Springfield Ma. 01151-1368

413 543-1146
413 543-4851
Fax 413 543-1007
Russ Evans
Vice President
Ed Rowell
Recording Secretary
Stu Kibbe
Manuel R. Gonzalez
Jennifer Brouillette
Research and Education
Pete Mooradd
Legislative Director
Clerk Craft Director
Debra Jacobs-Wheeler
Maintenance Craft Director
Enid A. Rivera
Motor Vehicle Director
Charlie Morin
Safety and Health Rep
Voluntary Benefit Plan Rep.
Jenny Bogacz
Todd Griffen
Executive Board at Large
Daniel Rosso
Executive Board at Large
Area Offices
Justin Deslauriers
Jesse Dane
Sergeant At Arms
Nick DeFeo
Sean P. Hayes

Stewards Office

413 543-1199

Clerk Stewards
Tour 2

Russ Evans                 AO's
Annie Chamberlain  FSS,FSM,All
Debbie Jacobs-Wheeler PSM/Exp.
Greg Roy                   Alternate
Kareena Williams        Alternate
Amy Chamberlain        MSS
Evelyn Scyocurka      Chicopee
Andy Mayo               Agawam
Abby Sherwood          Athol
Justin Deslauriers     N. Adams,
Alternate Pittsfield and Berkshires
Anne Provost           Wilbraham

Clerk Stewards
Tour 3

Nancy Kenyon        PSM, IPP, Inq
Dave Bogacz              Exp.,FSM
Deb Robert                Alternate
Dan Carney                Alternate
Aurelia Willis               Alternate
Richard Green            Alternate
Jenny Bogacz             Alternate
Sasha Gooden-Blake   Alternate     

Clerk Stewards
Tour 1

Jim Long                 Craft Dir.
Deb Koscielski      PSM, FSM, Flats
Brandon Johnson     Expeditors
Jenny Bogacz           Alternate
Jermaine Norfleet      Alternate      
Aurelia Willis             Altertnate

Maintenance Stewards

Rich Peabody             T2         All Areas/Tours
Enid Rivera                T1             BMC/P&DC
Jeff Zawalski              T1 & T2       Alternate
David Jones               T2               Alternate
Pete Mooradd            T2               Alternate
Jen Brouillette-Doyle   T2               Alternate
Jeffrey Laing              MSS
Neil Thomas              Pittsfield
Andy Mayo                Agawam
Chuck Ferros             T2

Motor Vehicle Stewards

Justin Lincoln       Craft Director   All Areas
Ed Rowell                    T1          All Areas
Nick Defeo                   T1         Alternate
Charlie Morin                T2         MVS/VDA
Dan Rosso                   T2            MVS
James Davis                 T2         Alternate
Maureen Hickson          T3         Alternate
LeRoy Kenyon              T3          Alternate
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Stewards Office
413 543-1199
1124 Berkshire Ave.
Springfield Mass. 01151

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